10 Things That You Shouldn’t Leave Behind When You Visit Malaysia

People tend to struggle when it comes to packing for a trip abroad, that probably has a modest difference in culture and possibly a different climate. Deciding on what to pack or what are the 10 things that you shouldn’t leave behind when you visit a tropical country such as Malaysia, may be one of the tedious part of the whole going for a trip process. Due to human nature, most of the time, our desires tend to outweigh our needs but we have to withstand the craving to apprehend the things that we desire to bring.

When visiting any states in Malaysia, there are many places of attractions that are usually located at one similar spot, reachable by walking distance and are relatively near to each other. Moreover, the weather in Malaysia could be extremely hot like a summer by the beach and can reach up to approximately 30°C especially during the afternoon.

At times like these, please do not misplaced these 10 things that you shouldn’t leave behind when you visit Malaysia and do not neglect the most important layer that forms our human body which is our delicate skin. Bring along a sunblock lotion or a sunscreen to protect your skin before heading to the beach. Especially during the afternoon, take with you an antiperspirant body spray or a deodorant stick wouldn’t hurt too, so that you can cover your body odour and avoid staining your clothes just in case if you sweat.

Sunblock lotion with SPF 50 would be sufficient.

To freshen up yourself, carry along some wet wipes or a hand sanitizer. Wet wipes are often found in bulk promotional offers. Hand sanitizers come in the form of travelling pack too. Both are useful for quick cleaning. In case if you decided to go for some jungle trekking or pay a visit to the night safari, make sure you keep aside some mosquito repellents too. Mosquito repellents comes in travel kit packaging and are sold in individual packs packed in boxes. All these items are obtainable from any pharmacies.

mosquito repellent patch
This Mosquito Repellent Patch can lasts up to 12 hours.

The next item on the list is the one thing that you could not afford to forget, perhaps your electronic devices adapters. Most of the adapters here in Malaysia are different as compared to those of the foreign countries. Fret not, as you can replace it with a universal travel adapter plug, easily found at any hardware or electronic gadgets store. If mobile phone is your only source for taking pictures, invest on a portable charger or a powerbank to preserve your electronic devices’ battery’s life. A decent 5000 mAh power bank allows you to charge up to twice of full battery life.

power bank
A Decent Power Bank

For those of you who are bloggers cum travellers, do not leave your camera behind. Bring it along so that you can capture your great moments and brag about it later. As technology advances, so does the way pictures are taken. If you have had bad experiences taking group photos in the past, get an adjustable stick that is able to extend according to your desired angle, also known as a selfie stick to take amazing group shots.

Selfie-stick helps in taking group pictures.
Selfie stick helps in taking group pictures.

When it comes to weather, do not predict it and always check on the weather forecast of the visiting country. The weather forecast may either be your best friend or your biggest enemy. A country such as Malaysia is situated near the equator, hence it is experiencing a tropical climate. A tropical climate creates hot and humid weather which also involves abundant rainfall at times. Come rain or shine, make sure you have the necessary items prepared. Save room for a pair of sunglasses and a foldable fedora hat so that you can avoid having freckles. Get a compact umbrella or a rain poncho that you hope you’ll never use. It helps in saving the day when it pours.

Foldable Fedora Hat helps when the day is hot
rain ponco
Rain Poncho for when it rains








Due to climate change and the humid weather, it is advisable to bring along a walking shoes or a pair of sandals. Get a breathable walking shoes. Opt for a pair of sandals that gives you comfort and freedom in footwear. Sandals will keep your feet dry and airy so that you can skip bringing foot spray.

Stay hydrated at any time of the day has never been that easy. Thanks to the the introduction of the versatile BPA free flexible water bottle, now you can get water refills on the go. It holds up to 500ml for a standard size one. Simply grab one from the departmental store. This flexible water bottle will come in handy because it can be expanded when you fill it and can be folded flat when you don’t. And for what it’s worth, it takes up a small amount of space from your suitcase.

flexi water bottle
Flexible Water Bottle , a great thirst quencher on the go!
flexi water bottle folded
Can be folded when you don’t need it.










Bear in mind that the sunblock lotion, antiperspirant body spray, wet wipes, mosquito repellent, power bank, camera, foldable fedora hat, rain poncho, walking shoes and flexible water bottle are just a list of items that you need to include when you pay a visit to a tropical country such as Malaysia. You certainly have to bring your own necessities, some change of clothes usually lightweight cotton works best, spare towels and your toiletries too. Just a gentle reminder, bring items that are absolutely necessary only and always remember to check your suitcase capacity as over packing would cost way more than an extra suitcase space and a free hand.


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