5 Things To Do In Sekinchan

5 Things To Do In Sekinchan; Lush paddy fields; clear blue skies and the great scent of the outdoors, all of these within reach at only one and a half hour’s drive from the bustling melting pot that is Kuala Lumpur. Sekinchan has been known to be the urbanites’ favourite quick escape from all the honking and tickings of the city as of late. Not only it is very much accessible, urbanites simply find the dramatic change of scenery to be exactly what they need when given a short time frame for a quick breather.If the next long holiday is up and your calendar is still empty, head down to Sekinchan and experience yourself what the fishing village has to offer, here is the 5 things to do in Sekinchan.


1-    Selfies at the paddy fields

Acres of land covered in the dazzling brilliant green would be a shocker to your eyes as compared to the usual flashing neon and headlights. Nobody leaves Sekinchan without as much as a selfie!

The paddy fields are extremely beautiful as background landscape, complemented by the strikingly beautiful blue skies and scorching hot sun. If you want a rustic feel for wedding portraits, this might just be a worthy contender in your list.




2-    Indulge in the fresh-from-the-sea seafood

 Malaysians absolutely loves food, and no matter where you go, nothing checks the list on a good trip as good food. Over at Sekinchan, seafood is pretty much all the rage, being the main food for the locals.

With the rapid development of the fishery industries, there are many seafood restaurants for you to stop by and have a hearty lunch or dinner. Many of the restaurants are located close to the proximity of the fishing jetties, a testament to just how fresh the ingredients are. Enjoy local favourites such as char kuey teow with a generous amount of fresh cockles, served hot and fresh from the wok.



3-    Check out the fishing village

Of course, Sekinchan itself is all about the fishing villages. One of the main fishing villages in Sekinchan is Bagan, situated at the south-west of the town.

The best time to be there would be in the morning where you can witness first hand the daily lives of the fishermen, from setting sail to begin their catching journey for the day all the way until it is time to unload the catch, to the hectic moment as workers loudly begin to categorize the catches of the day.





4-    Enjoy fresh local produces

Aside from the seafood, there’s plenty of fresh and quality local produces for you to enjoy and even haul back to the city!

The abundant fruit orchards present all over the town makes it a great place to stock up on some of the finest local produces. Rose apples, mangoes and corns are some of the regulars you will see propped up at most of the stalls, but Sekinchan is really famous for the size of the produces, which often takes visitors by surprise at how big and juicy the produces are.




5-    Take it easy by the beach

 The scenic beach side is also a not-to-miss when visiting Sekinchan. The sea breeze compliments the general easy atmosphere of the town. The Redang Beach is easily one hotspot for both visitors and locals of the town alike.

The Redang Beach is one of the access routes for the fishermen to head down to the ocean and often you will find visitors truly soaking up all that fresh nature feel the beautiful beach provides. By evening, the beach area would be a little more crowded and busy as the fishing boats would be in the vicinity en route to Sekinchan from the straits of Malacca. Catching the sunset at the beach is one of the most favourite past times of both the locals and visitors.



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  1. I had never heard about Sekinchan before. Now that I have read about it here, I feel that this place is definitely worth a visit.
    The view of the paddy fields really looks very lovely.

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