A Trip To Kidzania KL Malaysia

Do you ever just sit down and look at your child, wondering what are they going to be when they grow up? Will they invest their lives doing something out of their utmost passion or will they just settle for some job which they will dread on for the rest of their lives? Check out a trip to Kidzania KL Malaysia.


A Trip To Kidzania KL Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Well parents, fret not!

Being a surreal edutainment center, the first Kidzania was founded in the year 1996 in Mexico by Xavier Lόpez Ancona where it was first named La Ciudad de los Niños which directly translates as The City of the Children. Luckily, you can now bring your child to this center without having to go to Mexico City.



A trip to Kidzania KL Malaysia. Kidzania is located in Curve NX shopping mall, next to IKEA in Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Kidzania KL Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) has been catering the curious minds of children by providing them interactive learning and role play experiences since 2012.  Those between the ages of 4-14 can have the chance to experience real-life occupations hands-on in an awesomely fun yet engaging environment in this kid-sized city.



There’s various transportation method you can opt for to reach this phenomenal indoor family themed learning center such as:

  • By car using this GPS coordinate: N309.481, E10136.840
  • Buses to and from Pasar Seni, Kota Damansara and LRT Kelana Jaya (Bus numbers – BET1, U88, U89)
  • Take the LRT and alight at the Kelana Jaya station. You just need to cross the pedestrian bridge and take the free feeder bus to IPC Shopping Centre
  • Try the new MRT and alight at the Mutiara Damansara station. Kidzania Kuala Lumpur is a 5-minute walk from the station.
  • Alternatively you can always GRAB to Kidzania KL Malaysia


Opening Hours

Also, to ensure that your excited kids can have ample of time ‘working’ and learn in depth about their desired profession, plan your trip wisely based on the opening hours as tabulated below:

  • Saturday, Public holidays & school holidays: 10am to 7pm
  • Sunday to Friday: 10am to 5pm; except during Malaysia School Holidays and National & Selangor public holidays
  • Monday: Closedexcept during Malaysia School Holidays and National & Selangor public holidays


The Fun

Over 100 different activities can be done in over 60 different establishments here in Kidzania Kuala Lumpur Malaysia such as surgeon, journalist, judge, fire fighter, cashier and many more. Each of the offered job have their own specific workplace where the kids can perform their tasks with the necessary gear. For example, those who want to be a fire fighter will be required to wear safety gear and really put out a fire by their own meanwhile for those who want to be a cashier can do so in a mini mart inside Kidzania.


Furthermore, if you wonder if there’s any activities for the adults, worry no more. The adults can also join their children in Parent-Kid Play, Kool Karaoke and Battle of the Lips & Hips. Compete with other dynamic combo of parents and their respective children and stand a chance to win interesting prizes.


The fun steps at Kidzania:

  1. Proceed to Central Bank of Kidzania establishment to cash the cheque
  2. Enjoy the great benefits when you sign up for B-KidZanian program and become a CitiZen. Visit Kidzania Passport Office
  3. Earn kidZos (+) plus sign mean work and earn kidZos
  4. Pay kidZos (-) minus sign mean spend money before the activity starts
  5. Finally. use your earned kidZos to redeem gifts and merchandise at The Department Store (minimum 70 kidZos required). Or spend a minimum 30 kidZos at Shopping Alley (Body Art)




The tickets to in-depth insights of their job interest, widening their perspective of corporate world, first-hand exposure of the reality of their future and building social and financial skills of the children and much more can be purchased at only RM 85. You can either pre-purchase this one of a kind experience tickets online or on the spot over the counter. Checkout other cool price listings below:


You can purchase online tickets at this link https://ticketing.kidzania.com.my/ as early as one-day in advance or up to 3-months in advance.


*tips: If you are planning to go on weekends or public holidays, it is better to buy your tickets online as the tickets are usually sold out during these days.


*Pro tip: There are less number of guests on Wednesdays if you and your family are more comfortable in a less-packed environment.


Biggest tips of all, follow this instruction and you dont have to line up in a long queue. Book your spot for these establishments. Visit these establishment & place your booking to secure your spot! Usually there are less number of kids at 9:50 am.

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Rules and Regulation regarding the above tips are

  • Only one sticker per job will be provided to one kid
  • One kid is only allowed to have two stickers per hiring time
  • Adults are not allowed to queue on behalf of the kids
  • Please arrive at the establishment 10 minutes before sessions starts for preparation
  • Show your sticker to our city worker
  • If you did not turn up/missed your job time you need to re-register for another available slot
  • Reservation of activity is on a first come first serve basis
  • Time highlighted in red are available on Saturday, Public holiday and School Holidays.




If your family came from faraway place, you can choose to either stay in wallet-friendly hotels such as Johnshun Hotel or Sun Inns Hotel at Kota Damansara. Alternatively you can stay at a top-rated hotel such as the One World Hotel, Royal Bintang Curve or Eastin Hotel. There’s also holiday apartment available at Proper Suites in Empire Damansara.


Nearby Attractions

There are also other things you can do with your family after finish spending the day at Kidzania. From shopping at The Curve, IKEA  or 1 Utama, to experiencing another adventure at Sky Simulator just around the corner. You can also find various restaurants nearby to fulfill your hunger after a long and fun day.


Opening the minds of youngsters and prepping them with much-needed skills while having some entertainment and strengthening the family bond are among the best things you can do for you children. Ensuring they know their aim for the future without putting them through unnecessary pressure is one of the many synonymous vision between Kidzania and parents nowadays. So, don’t hold yourself any longer. Start planning a trip to Kidzania KL Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) even if it’s just for a day. I’m sure you’re in for a good treat.

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