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We offer advertising services. Your advertisement will be placed in every page of Jom Cuti website, including the main page itself. Advertise with Us – Jom Cuti.

Refer to snapshot below, we offering two types of advertisement

  1. Leaderboard with the size of 728*90, at the cost of RM20 per month
  2. Sidebar Widget with the size of 125*125, at the cost of RM10 per month

At the moment, we only offering 1 Leaderboard and 10 Sidebar Widget advertisement space. We accept almost all kinds of advertisement. Please note that, we will not advertise any adults related products.


Advertise with Us - Jom Cuti - with cost 55small



Leaderboard advertisement
Size - 728*90
Duration - 1 month
Sidebar Widget
Sidebar Widget
Size - 125*125
Duration - 1 month
Sidebar Widget (6 month)
Sidebar Widget
Size - 125*125
Duration - 6 month





Advertise With Us – Jom Cuti. Once you’ve made the necessary payment, please remember to provide us the information as requested below

  • Email the details to
  • Attached together banner of your choice (leaderboard or Sidebar Widget)
  • Specify the URL <>
  • Specify the text associated the URL name above

If you need further explanation, please feel free to contact me via email or call me at +60193535314

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