Eagle Ranch Resort The Local Cowboy Town

The Eagle Ranch Resort the local cowboy town is a unique find. Ever since its inception a couple of years ago, the resort has been making waves and hit the spot as one of the most sought after places to chill at during school breaks or holiday seasons. It isn’t very hard to see why, either.


The Eagle Ranch Resort is an American mid-western themed resort, in other words; the resort adopts the cowboy theme. That being said, everything about the resort is synonymous to the cowboy theme, from the buildings that are decked with mid-western memorabilia to the types of activities available at the resort. The resort is located at the 14th mile of Jalan Pantai in Port Dickson. The popular area sits on the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia and is easily accessible from the bustling Kuala Lumpur.

A short one and a half hour’s drive from the city capital of Kuala Lumpur, and about four hours of driving from Singapore, you would find yourself standing mesmerized at the magnificently eccentric resort. From the swash-buckling cowboys, galloping horses, grazing pastures and log cabins, Eagle Ranch Resort the local cowboy town has indeed a lot to offer to keep you occupied for a great few nights stay.

The resort sits on over 32 acres off the popular beaches of Port Dickson, the magnitude alone clearly lives up to Eagle Ranch Resort the local cowboy town’s reputation. When it is stated that everything about the resort is intensely mid-western, they weren’t kidding. The accommodations are absolutely beautiful, each type of room/chalet designed in the mid-western style.

There are several types of accommodation choices to choose from such as log cabins, paddock chalets, bandwagons and even the traditional Malaysian kampung house. The log cabins are what it is, cabins made out of logs. These cabins are designed rustically, decorated extravagantly in the same cowboy style. The kampung house is similar to normal kampung houses that can be found around Malaysia, they’re wooden and built on stilts, a feature that stands out from the rest of the mid-western details all around. The paddock chalets are unique chalets and they face the direction of the paddocks.


If you’re looking for something special, you can also opt to experience staying in teepees if you don’t mind going all out. All the other room types comes with an en-suite bathroom, an exception for the teepees. All of the room options are inclusive of breakfast for two, so you’ll wake up to great a breakfast spread.

If you’re worried about food, then rest assured that the resort does have great food and beverages facilities. One of the places to eat is the “Watering Hole”. The “Watering Hole” is a spot for visitors to quench their thirst and enjoy fusion menu options catered to visitors at Eagle Ranch Resort, the local cowboy town. Buffet options are plenty, as well as lighter snacks and sandwiches for the light eater.

What would Eagle Ranch Resort, the local cowboy town be without some cowboy sporting activities? There’s plenty of activities to keep you occupied aside from photographing the beautiful architecture design of the resort. You can flex your muscles and do some archery, play paint balls and even horse- back riding, to name a few.



In addition to all of that, Eagle Ranch Resort the local cowboy town also caters for group or corporate events. The resort has three different banquet or function rooms for such events which are the Horse Shoe room, the Crosswords and the Cactus Grove, a surefire way of providing a much unique experience the next time you’d like to organize a team building event or a special occasion.

Address: Lot 544, Batu 14, Jalan Pantai 71250 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.


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