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The Legoland Malaysia Resort, Johor has been making waves ever since it opened its doors to the public. Lego enthusiasts and families in general are especially thrilled to have a new playground, especially seeing as this resort is centrally located within reach of both Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Essentially, the Legoland Malaysia Resort Johor comprises of the Legoland park, the water park, and the hotel. Opened back in the year 2012, it has seen massive success and continous development that brings more to the table for its visitors. Exploring Legoland Johor would be a task that requires you at least a night’s worth of stay, there’s just simply so much to do and see!

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This lego-themed family holiday destination offers over seventy different rides, shows and attractions for visitors to explore and enjoy. There are seven different themed attractions which are; The Beginning, Lego Technic, Lego Kingdoms, Lego City, Imagination and The Land of Adventures.

Attraction like “The Shipyard” is fully suited for children, it is designed to entertain children who are crawlers and climbers and let them roam free in engaging a more active activity.  With dozens of shows and attractions to hit, you can easily allocate and entire day or two exploring Legoland Johor, ticket prices varying from RM180 onwards for adults, depending on the type of tickets and pass.


Meanwhile, adults need not feel left out in exploring Legoland Johor, even if you are not Lego fans or just babysitters for the little ones. There are plenty of attractions for you to enjoy as well, especially the coveted Miniland. The Miniland offers a great experience of visiting different landmarks in one go, albeit smaller in scale and made up of Lego bricks.

The Miniland is a must-visit spot while youre exploring Legoland Johor as it features very detailed build-ups of iconic landmarks all across the globe. Some of the wonders that are re-created at Minilad include the Angkor Wat and even the Taj Mahal. In addition to that, you can actually opt for a guided tour from Friday to Sunday at 2.00pm with Lego’s Master Model Builder who will be able to tell you the arduous task of building up every single piece.


As for food, you will be simply spoilt for choice. There’s plenty of food haunts all over Legoland Malaysia, some of the more popular ones includes the King’s Grill, where meals are deemed to be fit for a king. You can find Western menu items such as grilled chicken and sausages, hot waffles and ice-cream and the sort.  Other eatery to have a try at would include the Kebab Hut. The great thing about the Kebab Hut is that you can customize your salad, sides and types of wraps that include plain wraps, spinach or sun-dried tomatoes.

If you choose to stay within the area, you would be glad to know that the Legoland Hotel Malaysia has some of the most awesome and creative rooms of all. Fully catered to families, some of the rooms has sections for children and their parents, so that everyone gets the rest that they needed.

The Legoland Hotel Malaysia boasts over 249 guest rooms, where all of the rooms are designed to fit the Lego theme. The rooms are then decorated to fit some of the most popular Lego lines such as the pirate, kingdom and the adventure line.

In addition to that, exploring Legoland Johor would be a breeze as the Legoland Malaysia Resort, Johor is so accesible from many different point of journeys. Definitely, Malaysians are free to head down by driving, but there also hotels within the region that provides shuttle service to Legoland should you opt not to stay at the Legoland Hotel Malaysia. Other than that, visitors from Singapore would also find it easily accessible with direct bus services to the resort such as the Causeway link bus.

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