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Jakarta, the glorious capital of Indonesia has been well-known for many things. From the extensive amount of shopping malls and complexes to beautiful monuments all around the city, it is always the must-visit place for tourists whenever they head down to Indonesia.

The city doesn’t sleep either, during the day it is bursting at the seams with people from all walks of life, setting out to do what they do for a living, and at night, the city springs into life with people taking it easy and be at their leisure. Apart from the city life, the monuments and hotspots to explore, Jakarta has something greater to offer; the food.

Indonesian food is extremely delicious, flavourful, and lavish in portion and very well cooked to perfection. You can get a great meal anywhere, be it the stalls by the road or high end restaurants and hotels. In order to experience the quintessential Indonesian meal items, where better to start than at the capital itself. To truly experience the food in Jakarta, here is five simple menu items listed in the famous food of Jakarta that is available at every corner imaginable.

Soto Betawi


Jakarta is the birthplace and origin of the infamous Soto Betawi, earning it a top spot as one of the famous food of Jakarta. This delicacy is not only a must-have, but is synonymous with the city itself, making any trip to Jakarta an opportunity to enjoy this dish, which is available all-year round, regardless of what season or weather it may be.

Also known as “Jakarta’s Beef Soup”, Soto means soup in Indonesian and Betawi describes the beef that is used with the soup. The Soto Betawi is cooked in a whitish coconut milk broth or sometimes whitish cow milk.

Other ingredients used in the dish would be potato and tomatoes, often served with rice. The Soto Betawi is also enjoyed with a side dish of fish crackers, the French fries equivalent of this Indonesian favourite. Omnipresent at any corner of Jakarta, you can enjoy the Soto Betawi either in a high end restaurant or simply join the locals for a simple version around the city.


Mi Bakso


Bakso is basically meatball, or in this case, it is Indonesian meatball. Usually, the bakso will be made out of beef and mixed with tapioca flour. However, you can also find these meatballs to be made from other ingredients that is commonly used in making meatballs as well such as chicken meat, fish or shrimp.

Meanwhile, Mi Bakso simply translates to noodles and meatball. This dish is a staple Indonesian food, you cannot miss this savoury dish on a list such as the famous food of Jakarta. The Bakso is served with some hot, steamy, savoury broth. The noodles perfects the whole dish, with the choices typically being rice vermicelli or yellow noodles. Other accompanying ingredients includes vegetables and eggs. What sets the bakso apart from conventional meatball would be the dense and firm texture of the meatball, as due to its recipe, making it a must-taste menu item.

Teh Botol


The Teh Botol is simply tea in a bottle. This drink is synonymous with the Indonesian food culture, almost like what Coke is to New Yorkers to what Teh Botol is to folks in Jakarta. Available literally everywhere, the drink is enjoyed either chilled or at room temperature, depending on your own preferences. Being an epitome of the Indonesian culture, this humble drink is a symbol of the famous food of Jakarta.

Teh Botol is manufactured by the company called Sosro, and it is essentially sweetened jasmine tea. Despite the name being Teh Botol, which is bottled tea, you can find it listed on menus of restaurants and cafes everywhere, sometimes served outside of its iconic bottle container and in modern, ice-filled glasses instead.

This iconic drink is sometimes consumed even more than mineral water itself. The perfect thirst quencher, it is amazing how the simple tea can be eaten to go along with a variety of dishes, be it the standard Indonesian cuisines to foreign influences such as Western dishes, the tea goes great with all.

Jus Alpukat


Alpukat is literally translated into avocado in Indonesian. While the rest of the world enjoys the more conventional orange or apple juice, the folks in Jakarta loves their avocado juices, definitely an item on a list of famous food in Jakarta. Given the thick and creamy texture of the avocado, it is much more a smoothie rather than a juice.

Normally, the avocado flesh is blended together to form a very rich and creamy smoothie texture, it is then sprinkled over with some chocolate sauce and enjoyed simply with some ice. The combination of the thick avocado and sweetness from the chocolate sauce and in some stores, condensed milk, is perfect to complement any dish or meal; the drink is addictive and it is a must to have a go at the sweet juice when you’re dining in Jakarta.

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