Gold Coast Morib

Gold Coast Morib

December has finally approached and that marks the school holidays has just begun. To the parents out there, have you list out the should visit places all around Malaysia to spend a good quality of time with your family? If you have not decided yet, Gold Coast Morib might be the answer you are looking for!


Strategic Location

This 4-star hotel resort is located in Banting, alongside the spectacular shore of the Malacca Straits with less than one and a half hours’ drive from Kuala Lumpur. It is a perfect place for whoever that need a short vacation to be away from the concrete jungle.


Fantastic Rooms

Spacious. That was what the most top rated reviews said about the resort. The room is spacious that is worth for a family to stay in together. Gold Coast Morib Resort has varied types of rooms ranging from Studio Suite, 2 Rooms Apartment, 3 Rooms Apartment and Penthouse Suite.


Studio Suite

Inspired by a Balinese Style, this elegant room was occupied with a king or twin beds. The rooms also come along with a private Jacuzzi and balcony.


2 Rooms Apartment

Their 2 Rooms Apartment equipped with 2 rooms that comes with twin beds, private balcony, TV, mini refrigerator and dining facilities at living hall makes a perfect suit for a mini family or group which include a master bedroom and one single room that is attaching together.


3 Rooms Apartment

If you are traveling with a larger family or group, their 3 Rooms Apartment will be your favourite choice of rooms to stay. Their 3 rooms were well designed and the apartments equipped with 2 bathrooms, a refrigerator, dining facilities and a private balcony.


Penthouse Studio

If you ever think to organize an event for your family or group such as reunions or birthday parties, their Penthouse Studio is the smart choice for you. Be worry free about whether the suite could occupy everyone because you may select your choice of 2,3 or 4 bedrooms suites which accommodates with dining facilities, private bath with Jacuzzi and private balcony.

Gold Coast Morib Room

Gold Coast Morib Bathroom

Water Theme Park

The Gold Coast Morib Water Theme Park is the most iconic and their main attraction at Morib that will leave you and your families a very fun and enjoyable moment staying at the resort. Spanning an area of 5,574 sq meter, this water theme park has several attraction such as Lap Pool with 4 splash head water cannons, Joint Family Pool and Kiddie Pool, Lazy River with splash heads, Slide Pool and many more.

The ticket price for the Gold Coast Morib theme park details are as below:

  • RM21 (child 2-11 years old)
  • RM37 (Adult 12 years old and above)


Operation Hours

  • 00 am – 6.00 pm (Monday – Thursday)
  • 00 am to 7.00 pm (Friday to Sunday)


Gold Coast Morib Apartment

Gold Coast Morib Theme Park

Gold Coast Morib Theme Park 2

Other Attractions

What the other great things about Gold Coast Morib Resort beside their water theme park, the resort also includes with awesome facilities such as Indoor and Outdoor F&B Outlets, KTV Karaoke Lounge, various retail and convenient shop. You can also enjoy other fantastic outdoors activities such as Kite & Paramotor, Flying Fox and ATV Rides.


Nearby Attractions

Morib Beach

Have a great beautiful view of the sunset while enjoying small crabs running around your feet and disappear into the sand. Visitors will find the beach such a peaceful place with not much of public activities. Historians will certainly excite when they found out a few historic sites around the beach such as old federal government structures, royal graves and deserted royal residences.


Mangroves Forest

Mangrove is popular of its distinctive geographical attribute without any human landscaping. Around 1,400 hectares of Mangrove forest has been found to be grown near the Morib beach. And this Mangrove Forest is known as Berembang. To the nature lovers that eager to learn more about the beauty of nature, Mangroves Forest is definitely a recommended place for you.


Chinese Temple

The visitor also has a choice to come and visit plenty of temples that can be found near Morib Beach. Most locals earn money to support their living through fishing, thus it is important from them to get a blessing from God’s to prosperous their wealth and bless them to keep away from any danger on the sea.


The Lighthouse

From the Chinese Temples, it can be seen that there is a watchtower standing on top of the hill that is still functioning from historic years. The route to the Lighthouse is famous among the locals for an early morning stroll or an evening jog to get some fresh air. The panorama from the top is valuable for the walk.


Perfect Place for Foodies

Good food will definitely add an extra point to the great experience while you are on a holiday. If you are a food lovers, Morib is one of the best places for food hunting because there are a few great places near the Gold Coast Morib resort that you must try!


Nasi Lemak Warisan Pak Musa

Only 21 minutes’ drive from Gold Coast Morib Resort, Nasi Lemak Warisan Pak Musa has become the number one favourite choice of the locals to kick-start their morning by having a fantastic breakfast. The nasi lemak stall starts to operate from 7.30 am to 12.30 pm. Variety of Nasi Lemak menu can be found here such as Nasi Lemak Ayam, Nasi Lemak Sotong and many more.


MA Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah

In Banting, MA Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah has become the number one choice for a great lunch. People are willing to wait on the long queue just to get their Nasi Kukus! Combination of an affordable price and delicious taste of the food took the Nasi Kukus to be on another level. Only 18 minutes drive from Gold Coast Morib Resort.


Wak Dol Soto

Fill in your stomach with the best “soto” and “tempe goreng” in Morib. Wak Dol Soto can be a perfect place for a tea time after spending a marvellous time at the water theme park because this place is just 18 mins away from Gold Coast Morib Resort.


Restoran Asam Batu Laut

Restoran Asam Batu Laut is definitely a perfect choice for a seafood lover because the freshness of the seafood is their specialty. Several of their popular menus are Sweet Sour Crab, Salted Egg Squid, Butter Prawn and many more. A great place for dinner because it only requires 6 minutes drives from the resort.


Juvita Seafood

Another famous seafood restaurant around Banting is Juvita Seafood. If you ever craving to have a fantastic and delicious dinner, Juvita Seafood is the place because they do not only served a good menu of seafood but variety western’s menu also available here. Juvita Seafood operates from 5pm to 2am.


Gold Coast Morib Resort sounds a perfect destination for a family time, right? Yes, it is because it has everything gathered in one place. A fantastic resort, a great experience of a water theme park, marvellous outdoor activities, peaceful beach, surrounded by a historic and beautiful nature and varies choice of good food. So, wait no more, come to the Gold Coast Morib to have one of the best moment with your family!

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