Grand Prix in Sepang International Circuit

Malaysia is a proud developing nation with many landmarks that has placed the country on the global outlook. From towering skyscrappers to amazing world heritage sites and beautiful land, there are just too many things to note on a list of notable landmarks that are symbolic of the country.

Among other things, the Sepang International Circuit is definitely not to be missed out from the list. For decades, it has gathered throngs of arden racing fans all across the globe for annual racing events that are part of a worldwide phenomenon; the Formula One race. The next Grand Prix in Sepang International circuit is as of normal just as how it has always been the host for all the Malaysia Grand Prix throughout the years.

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In 1999, the Sepang International Circuit made its debut to the world, much to many awestruck notes and nods of approval at the sheer splendour of technology and design of the circuit. The then ruling Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad had been the mastermind of the birth of the circuit, determined to put Malaysia on the global map, this time through auto-trade.

Part and parcel of his plan also includes the construction of a racetrack, but not just any ordinary tracks. He envisioned a track that would be able to bring something different to the world, and that was exactly what the Malaysia Grand Prix in Sepang International Circuit did, in all its splendour and pride.

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At only an hour’s drive away from the main streets of Kuala Lumpur, in the year 1999, the Malaysia Grand Prix first took place and was held at Sepang International Circuit, a much exciting time for the nation. Attention was bubbling over the brims on the circuit, the year it debuted itself was the same year that one of the best Formula One racers out there; Michael Schumacher, had decided to enter the fray once more time.

The circuit received overwhelming responses, from sheer ingenuity at how challenging the design of the track is to pride at the outcome of months of anticipation which certainly unveiled to be on par with the nation’s expectations of a modern, enviable race track that is placed on the map of the world, competing againts other nations.

Designed by the renowned Hermann Tilke, the Sepang International circuit features a main circuit, north circuit and the south circuit. For the Malaysia Grand Prix, the main circuit is usually where all the rush and zooming of cars happen.

The main circuit is about 5.6km long, and it is designed with a noteworthy wide straights tracks and tight corners that has been sure to test the skills and capabilities of drivers all throughout the years. It has been noted that the Sepang International circuit is one of the most technical circuits to be raced on in Formula One races.


If you’re looking forward to experience a part of the Formula One race, it is definitely time to book tickets for the upcoming race that will be held at Sepang International circuit, home to Malaysia Grand Prix 2016. The 2016 Malaysia Grand Prix in Sepang International circuit will set course on 30th September lasting all the way to 2nd of October 2016, with tickets pricing ranging from three day packages to packages with food and special seatings, all at the comfort of your own choosing. There are also direct transits from the airport to cater to international fans who are heading down to Sepang for this annual occasion.

Despite all its grandness, the primary reason to head down to Sepang this October is undoubtedly to witness the Malaysia leg of the Formula One race, at Malaysia Grand Prix in Sepang International circuit.

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