Holiday at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

Holiday at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

If you are searching for a place to have a great team building or a fun family gathering, Holiday at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort is the perfect answer! Bukit Merah Laketown Resort is surrounded by lush greenery and fronting one of Malaysia’s largest 7,000-acre freshwater lake. To those who are living in KL that would love to have a short escape, the resort is only a 3 hours’ drive. Discover great moments by enjoying their endless offers of facilities from the Laketown Waterpark, Laketown Ecopark, Kampung Air Water Chalet, Laketown Hotel, Halls, Convention Centres and 3 different F&B outlets.


There are numerous exciting activities that you can definitely enjoy when you are at the resort. Let’s have a look what sort of fun that is awaiting for the visitors!


1. Waterpark

Holiday at Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark is one of the largest waterpark in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. Splashing some great times at this waterpark by enjoying some of the attractions that include:


  • Boomerang
  • Giant Bubble Slide
  • Sandy Beachfront Wave Pool
  • Water Speed Slides
  • Body Slides
  • Giant Tube Rides
  • Activity Pool
  • Lazy River
  • Perak Mining Company
  • Kids Adventure River
  • Jumbo Shower
  • Water Pillar

Before you get to enjoy all the fun, let’s occupied ourselves with some of the information that visitors need to know before you go to the waterpark.

Waterpark Operating Hours:

Monday – Thursday  11:00a.m – 6.00p.m

Friday – Sunday 10:00a.m – 7.00p.m


School Holidays & Public Holidays

10:00a.m – 7.00p.m

Waterpark attractions will be closed 30 minutes before the published closing time. It will be CLOSED on Tuesdays EXCEPT during public holidays & school holidays.


Facilities Provided:

  • Male & Female Shower Rooms & Toilets
  • Male & Female Prayer Rooms
  • First Aid Room
  • Baby Room
  • Huts
  • Lockers for Rental
  • Cabanas for Hire
  • Tubes for Rental


Holiday At Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

Laketown Eco Park

Let’s get close to nature and spend your precious quality time by exploring the adventure of beautiful nature in the Laketown. The park has three large enclosure include Nature Trail, Reptile Park and Tropical Trek. Visitor will definitely amazed by the variety species of reptile and animals that gives a valuable experience as it brings the visitor close to their natural habitat.

  • Skycycle

Take a unique tour across the tropical rainforest using their Skycycle

  • Nature Trail

Observe the colourful Japanese carps and the huge arapaima and also the colourful peacocks and spot other birds.


  • Tropical Trek

Have a great walk experience through their herbal garden.


  • Reptile Park

Challenge yourself and get to know more about predator species like cobras, vipers, pythons and more.


  • Pets Park

Kids definitely will love this park as they can feed and pet some small and domesticated mammals at the Pets Park such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and more.


  • More Attractions

There are more nature family to explore, meet the Crocodile, Sun Bear, Binturong, Deer, Pony and Emu for more wildlife experience.


3. Laketown Adventure Park

Challenge yourself to their adventure park with all these activities that will definitely leave you some memorable time!

  • Adult Practice Course
  • Kids Practice Course
  • Zipmania
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Canopy Walk
  • Burma Bridge


4. Laketown Recreation Park

If you are having problems brainstorming what activities you should do for your company or school team buildings, get your worry off because Holiday at Bukit Merah Laketown resort has already prepared some great outdoors activities for teambuilding!

  • Kayaking

Explore out to the Bukit Merah Lake with the available kayas for rental and if you need a guidance, you can just follow the Guided Kayaking Tours


  • Archery

Try to shoot for an arrow at their Archery Range


  • Fishing

Get some old-school activities that will turn so much fun by fishing here!


  • Lake Cruise

Take a leisurely lake cruise with your group around the islands within Bukit Merah Lake


  • Water Confidence

Take a water confidence courses with their trained expert to get your aqua-phobia of.



You will surely not disappointed with the accommodations that Bukit Merah Laketown Resort have for you to choose from Kampung Air Water Chalet and their Hotel Room.

Holiday At Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

Kampung Air Water Chalet

There are 4 options of suites that will definitely give you a great experience staying at the resort.

  • Seri Teratai Suite : 1 bed suite with private balcony
  • Rajawali Suite : 2 separate Room with 2 private balconies & living area
  • Seri Lembayung Suite : 1 bedroom with private balcony and separate living room
  • Cenderawasih Suite : 1 bedroom with private balcony and connecting living room


Laketown Hotel

Choose 4 of their options of their hotel rooms to complete your stay at the resort.

  • Standard Room : 1 bed suite with private balcony
  • Deluxe Room : 2 separate rooms with 2 private balconies and 1 living area
  • Junior Suite : 1 bedroom with private balcony and separate living room
  • Kelisa Emas Suite : 1 bedroom with private balcony and connecting living room

Holiday At Bukit Merah Laketown Resort


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