How To Spend The Most Memorable Evening In Melaka By The Beach

There are a few beach hotspots in Melaka for you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city here. Whether you’re around the town area or at the outskirts of Melaka, there is always a beach view for you to look forward to. Having said that, the famous beach hotspots are Portuguese Settlement, Kota Laksamana, Pantai Kundur, Dataran 1 Malaysia and Pantai Puteri. As life is short and time is swift, here’s a list of activities on how to spend the most memorable evening in Melaka by the beach.

Portuguese Settlement is best known by many for its substantial beach view and finger-licking seafood. There are so many means of transport for you to get here. From renting a bicycle to hailing a cab, you are able to reach here in no time. You can choose to stroll along the beach and enjoy the cool sea breeze as it touches the warmth of your cheeks.The hot and humid weather in Melaka goes with a good blend of a cup of Joe’s only one refreshing mango juice here for you to quench your thirst. Scribble your wishes on the sky lanterns and let it fly, fingers crossed and hope that it come true. You too can collect some seashells to decorate your fish aquarium. What’s more, you are able to join in the water carnival by the beach too if you were to visit Portuguese Settlement during March. Despite the name of the carnival, you should definitely check this out as this carnival will take place on land itself. So visitors, be on the lookout as there will be no exclusion from being splashed.

There is another beach hotspot in Melaka that is situated nearby Kota Laksamana. Over here you will come across something extraordinary, which is the Laos Coffee Car. It is also widely known as the Rocky’s Mobile Cafe. It is a mobilized cafe because it operates via a car boot to brew its coffee. Instead of going to Laos, have a cuppa or two here. Fishing is allowed here too.HowToSpendTheMostMemorableEveningByTheBeachInMelaka_1_BySharon.jpgHowToSpendTheMostMemorableEveningByTheBeachInMelaka_2_BySharon.jpg

The next destination on the list is Pantai Kundur. Bring your family for a picnic outing here. Pantai Kundur is also famous for fishing with ‘kelongs’, a kind of offshore platform made of wood mostly, if you were to stay for the night. You can get a deeper insight about the life of a fisherman, who stays on house stilts over water. Compete in a couple of tug of war games and spend some quality times with your kids by building one or more sand castles.

There are two beaches that can be visited at Tanjung Kling, Melaka. The first one is Dataran 1 Malaysia and the latter is Pantai Puteri. These two beaches are located slightly further than the rest of the beaches in town but nevertheless, here is how you could spend the most memorable evening in Melaka by the beach. Embrace the captivating view of the horizontal aligned, row of old buses dating from classical antiquity that are converted into food stalls. Apart from enjoying the view, you will certainly be tempted by the appetizing aroma of the local delicacies here. Visitors from abroad can now witness the calming beach view from a new perspective with the introduction of the horse-and-carriage ride and opt for the horse riding if you would like to ride on the white sandy beach. Bring your own kites or get one here if you do not have any, and you may also purchase a bottle of soap bubble solution here, adding more fun time for your kids.Other activities that do not impose any charges include having a beach volleyball game and also picnicking.HowToSpendTheMostMemorableEveningByTheBeachInMelaka_3_BySharon.jpgHowToSpendTheMostMemorableEveningByTheBeachInMelaka_4_BySharon.jpgHowToSpendTheMostMemorableEveningByTheBeachInMelaka_5_BySharon.jpg

On the other hand, there are quite a few of thrilling activities here at Pantai Puteri, such as the banana boat, kayak and jet ski. Before heading off, make sure you savour the famous ‘roti john’, which is a special omelette sandwich and ‘ayam golek’, which is a tender chicken that rotates continuously in the oven until it is roasted at Barkat Roti John.

The activities listed here serve as a guidance on how to spend the most memorable evening in Melaka by the beach. Be it a time spent with a loved one, a family outing or even bonding sessions with a group of friends, start planning your road trip to Melaka and and make every second that you spent paints a meaningful chapter in your life.

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  1. Spending your time on and around a beach is always the time well spent. Nothing can match the feel of what you feel when the cool sea breeze hits your face and some times gives your body a quick shiver.

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