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There isn’t anyone who is not familiar with the infamous Formula One World Championship series. The racing championship has an army of fans from all around the world, all anticipating the return of the season every single year. Malaysia itself plays a part in the series through the Malaysia Grand Prix, which is a part of the Formula One World Championship series. With a coveted track designed solely for this prestigious championship, Malaysia sees a flock of tourists and locals alike, flooding in during the racing season, which falls from 30th September to 2nd October 2016 for this year and will be held at the one and only Sepang International circuit.


If you’re a tourist coming in just to be a apart of this adrenaline pumping experience, then this Malaysia Grand Prix guide is an article that is worth reading. If you’re local and thinking of heading over to Sepang and see what the whole fuss is all about, then this Malaysia Grand Prix guide is something that will help you go about the whole thing.


Firstly, this Malaysia Grand Prix guide kicks off with the most important thing to be aware of is the seating. Choosing the right seat is extremely crucial as it determines the entire experience for you. Things to note includes; if budget is something you’re concerned of, the cheapest seat is the Covered Hillstand C2 costing RM169.60 per pax, if you hurry, you’d get the super early bird price of only RM85.86. This seat allows you to catch a glimpse of musical performances with seat viewer, and it is a covered seat so the heat or rain would not get to you. Take note that the super early bird promotion ends by 15th February 2016, so it’s best to hurry while you can!

If you have cash to blow for this amazing experience, take the VIP Tribune (Emerald) seat, which costs RM2459.20 or RM1522.16 after a deduction of over 38% for super early birds. This seat gives you the entire experience from seat viewer to a great outlook of musical performances, covered seating, pit view,LED screen, special merchandises, packed lunch and a VIP return bus from KL Sentral to the Sepang International circuit on top of a view of the top three teams through the pit view, a real gem of a seat.



Secondly, the track itself is not exactly near a restaurant or diner, therefore it is best that you purchase packed lunches alongside your tickets. The menu options for the entire three-day event are; Set A which comprises of the Malaysian favourite Nasi Lemak with fried chicken, mineral water and fruits, Set B which includes Spaghetti Bolognaise, mineral water and fruits and lastly Set C which comprises of Quesadillas, mineral water and fruits. All three food sets are priced the same, which is a value price of RM26.50.


Finally, the most vital thing in this Malaysia Grand Prix guide would be your to and fro transportation to Sepang International circuit. If you’re coming from KLIA, you don’t have to fret because there is a train plus shuttle bus arrangement to bring you to Malaysia Grand Prix. Return tickets for three days is RM200, return tickets for only Saturday and Sunday is RM170 while a one way ticket for any of the race days is RM55.

If you’re coming from the KL city centre, take the return RapidKL bus from KLCC or KL Sentral for only RM30, a great price for the distance. Definitely, traveling by bus would be longer, approximately one hour and fifteen minutes to Sepang International circuit. With all these tips covered in this Malaysia Grand Prix guide, you’re set to go and have the best time at the Malaysia grand Prix 2016!

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