Most Memorable Vacation Close to Home

How to have the most memorable vacation close to home? Having a memorable vacation does not always mean doing a long getaway or visiting an exotic location. At times such an expensive vacation may be beyond your budget and sometimes you only need a quick and relaxing few days to strengthen the soul, mind and body. Planning such vacations just a few hours from home could just be what you need. Short vacations close to the home are less expensive. Finding destinations nearby involves some level of creativity and would definitely be worth the effort.

You can have a most memorable vacation close to home if you begin to think more like a visitor than a resident. Because one of the biggest vacation cost (financially, time, environmentally) arises from travelling to other places, you can save some money and enjoy your vacation by visiting a place nearby like a tourist. Borrow or buy a guide book, get a local map and browse the internet for things to do and places to visit. If you have the discipline to have a vacation mindset, you can even sleep in your bedroom. Otherwise go for a nice bed and breakfast in a hotel in a town nearby. Visit new restaurants, eat out, do some tourist things you have never done before.

Some families are always looking forward to their next vacation. Studies reveal that 3 out of 4 dads wish their household would take more memorable vacations together. The cost of travelling should not discourage your family from exploring some new places. There are lots of affordable options nearby and also ways that will make your journey to suit your budget. Many homes choose to take short trips to save some money.

40% of fathers may want to spend less than $280 each day on entertainment, travel and accommodation while on vacation. 55% of dads prefer to travel by car and 46% want to travel a distance of 2 to 5 hours away.


These are some tips on how to have the most memorable vacation close to home

Always plan, plan ahead.

Even though taking a car may sound exciting, the will often end up adding to the expenses. Many hotels and resorts offer the best prices when you book earlier. Also you will have more suite or rooms to select from.

When on a family vacation, children are dad’s major priority. The best way to have a memorable vacation close to home is by visiting a place that offers activities that children find entertaining and fun. 85% of dads believe that this is extremely important according to the survey.

For travelling longer distances, it is of necessity to make the journey as enjoyable as the destination. Ensure you bring healthy drinks and snacks. Carry along some travel games to add more fun. The ride in a car is an opportunity for bonding among family members.


Most Memorable Vacation Close to Home



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