Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Pulau Dayang Johor

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Pulau Dayang Johor

Pulau is a Malay word. In English, it is called Island. Pulau Dayang is located on the west side of Johor. Pulau Dayang is located nearby Pulau Aur, Pulau Lang and Pulau Pinang. The deep sea water surrounding this area have a good visibility with a large variety of marine life.

The main tourist attraction in Pulau Dayang is scuba diving and snorkeling activity. Scuba Diving activity in Pulau Dayang Johor is very popular among weekend divers.

The best time to go scuba diving and snorkeling in Pulau Dayang Johor is between the month of February to November. Practically every month, except December and January, this is due to the heavy raining seasons.

Divers may see whale, sharks and rays in the crystal clear water of Pulau Dayang Johor. There are many diving spots to choose to experience scuba diving and snorkeling in Pulau Dayang Johor. Some are shallow reef and some are deep rocky depths. Don’t forget to take an underwater photo.

Don’t know how to dive? Worry not! There are diving courses offered in Pulau Dayang.

How to get there? Where ever you are from, please drive to Mersing Jetty, Johor. It will take approximately 2 hours if you are from Johor Bharu city center. Then take the boat from Mersing Jetty to Pulau Dayang Johor. It is easier with Waze or Google Map, make sure you have either one of this brilliant travelling tools. Alternatively, there are adequate signboards to Mersing Jetty.

For more information of Pulau Dayang Johor, please call Johor Tourism at +607-222 3590/3591

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