Spring in Japan

Japan is the land of the rising sun, but it is also an exciting place where we expect to gain exposure to a myriad of unique cultural experience and of course, witness firsthand the many eye-opening technological advances and modernization that the Jpaanese has got to offer. Definitely, a trip to Japan is surely a memorable one with the many things to do and places to discover.

While tourists from all over the globe generally favour Japan all year round, the season of spring in Japan is always one of the peak times to travel over to the land in the east. While there are plenty of things for you to do in Japan during springtime, here are some of the things not to be missed when you hit spring in Japan.

Cherry blossoms viewing


Top on the list is definitely viewing the beautiful blooms that are the Japanese cherry blossom or also known as Sakura. Vividly pink against the glorious blue of the sky, coupled with breezy and fresh gusts of wind, there isn’t anything more relaxing than taking a stroll in the park just to view the cherry blossoms when its spring in Japan.

In fact, cherry blossom viewing is an activity that has been practiced for many years for the Japanese. Each spring, they would gather and celebrate the beautiful springtime and even hold festivals in celebration. To join in the fun, you can head over to some of the more popular parks like the Ueno Onshi park or the Shinjuku-gyoen National Garden to experience cherry blossoms viewing.

The popular crowd favourite offers beautiful groves and the great vibes oozing from the great crowd around. Be sure to make new friends and have a great time experiencing the cherry blossom viewing parties yourselves.

Roponggi Art Night


Springtime means more than just cool air and beautiful flowers. It is also the time for art. The Roponggi Art festival was launched back in 2009. Since then, it has been a successful annual event and is now considered to be part and parcel of springtime celebrations.

The all-night celebration is all about celebrating art at the finest level as well as appreciating art in everyday living. During the one-day event, you can expect to experience installations of art, exhibitions and even performances.

Held in downtown Roponggi, this is a great event to be part of during spring in Japan. Entrance is free, so you need not fret over burning a hole in your pockets, despite art exhibitions being relatively expensive in the norm. In celebration of art, during the entire day, museums and art galleries within the Roponggi area will see extended hours of operation that lasts until the dawn of the next day, giving you plenty of time to head to all the places and celebrate art.

Enjoy seasonal food

In Japan, certain food and vegetables are only available throughout certain periods in a year. When spring in Japan comes in full swing, there isnt any better chance than to have a taste of the limited time delicacies.

Most definitely, you need to try the seasonal spring bamboo shoots. Tender with a slight bitter taste, bamboo shoots in spring are incorporated into a variety of Japanese dishes that are usually parboiled or steamed with rice to make the popular “takikomi gohan”.

Other spring food would be the “fukinoko” which is butterbur buds that you’d find served in tempura and wasabi. Dessert wise, spring is the only time that you would get to try the sakura mochi. Mochi is a famous Japanese rice cake dough dessert that is made up of gluttonous rice flour, water and mostly red bean filling. The sakura mochi is wrapped with leaves from the cherry blossom tree itself after it has been pickled.

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