Top 21 Unique Hotels in Malaysia

Here are list of Top 21 Unique Hotels in Malaysia. I’m sure You’ll find it interesting. Some are slightly pricey, whereas some others are affordable. It will be great if you can stay in any of these lovely, unique and Malaysian like hotels in Malaysia.

Top 21 Unique Hotels in Malaysia


1. Time Capsule Retreat @ Pahang

 Located in the heart of Sungai Lembing, Pahang is a retreat offering rooms in the shape of time capsules overlooking the lush greenery of a forest reserve. The rooms contain a hole on top of each capsule to allow natural lighting to grace the enclosure. The Time Capsule Retreat provides the perfect ambience for a serene, relaxing getaway.

Rate per night: RM 139


 2. Terra’s Tree House @ Cameron Highlands

 Hidden deep in the hills of Brinchang, Cameron Highlights is Terra’s Tree House, a structure built using bamboo and Nipa palm leaves by the native Orang Asli. Aside from the scenic views and natural atmosphere, this eco-friendly accommodation provides a simple yet comfortable bedroom and bathroom and a common kitchen area in which the treehouse owners will cook healthy, organic, fresh-from-the-garden meals for you!

Rate per night: RM 360


3. Classic Malay House @ Kuala Lumpur

 As the name suggests, this accommodation in the heart of Kuala Lumpur replicates a traditional Malay house complete with a courtyard containing lush palm trees and a water fountain. A homey, cosy country housing in the middle of the city!

Rate per night: RM 350 onwards

Book one of the finest Top 21 unique hotels in Malaysia – Classic Malay House Kuala Lumpur

Top 21 Unique Hotels in Malaysia - Classic Malay House Kuala Lumpur


4. Container Hotel @ Kuala Lumpur

Inspired by the infrastructure of freight containers and the Japanese concept of “Kyosho Jutaku”, the eco-friendly Container Hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur offers compact but comfortable rooms in the cylindrical shape of containers which provides for a unique and interesting lodging experience!

Rate per night: RM 125

You will love Container Hotel Kuala Lumpur. A lodge for the urban explorer, among the most unique in our top 21 unique hotels in Malaysia.

Top 21 Unique Hotels in Malaysia - Container Hotel Kuala Lumpur


5. Masbro Village @ Melaka

The Masbro Village in Melaka consists of houses with a distinctly unique and colourful triangular exterior. A large swimming pool sits outside. This accommodation is perfect for a family vacation!

Rate per night: RM 280


6. Tubotel @ Langkawi

This hotel located on the shores of Langkawi with a unique, minimalist concept provides comfortable lodging with a beautiful view within a concrete tube! Aside from the tubes, Tubotel also offers pods and a female dormitory to meet your requirements.

Rate per night: RM 141


7. Sekeping Serendah @ Kuala Lumpur

Sekeping Serendah is a modern-style natural retreat with open sheds which allow you to appreciate the beautiful scenery surrounding the area. It’s perfect for a close-to-nature, relaxing getaway.

Rate per night:

  • Mud Shed- RM 320
  • Glass Box- RM 300
  • Glass Shed- RM 500
  • Timber Shed – RM 730
  • Warehouse- RM 1, 160 and RM 1, 360


8. Hotel Maison Boutique @ Kuala Lumpur

Hotel Maison Boutique is a hotel with rooms designed and decorated according to unique themes such as Arabian Night, Space Odyssey and even Michael Jackson! A 4-star accommodation with a unique experience and a great story to tell.

Rate per night: RM 280

Hurry book Hotel Maison Boutique Kuala Lumpur at a discounted rate. Each room is unique in this one and only among top 21 unique hotels in Malaysia.

Top 21 unique hotels in Malaysia - Hotel Maison Boutique Kuala Lumpur


9. Taibin Wildlife Resort @ Sabah

The Taibin Wildlife Resort in Sabah contains river lodges and hill lodges in the style of authentic Borneo architecture. A traditional design with modern facilities, this resort is great for nature-lovers looking to get a taste of Malay heritage.

Rate per night: RM 1, 780


10. Bamboo Village @ Kuala Lumpur

The Bamboo Village in Kuala Lumpur is yet another retreat for nature-lovers in the midst of Kuala Lumpur consisting of rooms built in a ‘bamboo style’. This homey, cosy lodging is surrounded by lush greenery and clear waters which provide for a quiet and calming stay for relaxation.

Rates per night:

  • Bungalow House- RM 390
  • Cottage- RM 120
  • Dorm Room- RM48


11. Templer Park Rainforest Retreat @ Selangor

The Templer Park Rainforest Retreat in Rawang is a retreat in the midst of a natural environment with views of mountains and lakes that’s ideal for a quiet, destressing getaway from the urban city life. The 3-acre land is all yours upon checking in and it includes a viewing deck, a fishing deck, an infinity pool, a sauna and cooking facilities.

Rate per night:

  • Villa: RM 1,000 (Weekdays); RM 1,500 (Weekends and Public Holidays)
  • Container: RM 1,480 (Weekdays); RM 1, 980 (Weekends and Public Holidays)


 12. The Cheong Fatt Tze/Blue Mansion @ Penang

 The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion or Blue Mansion in Penanag is a heritage building with a distinct, indigo-blue exterior which preserves the unique, olden architecture and culture of the state within. This hotel is recommended for the historical and cultural experience it provides.

Rate per night: RM 445 – RM 745


13. The Happy Eight Retreat @ Perak

The Happy Eight Retreat in Ipoh offers unique themed rooms with artistic wall paintings and decorations. Each room makes you feel as though you’re in a different environment altogether. A unique and interesting art experience for a lodging.

Rate per night: RM 185 – RM 380


14. The Stable @ Melaka

The Stable, as the name suggests, was inspired by the design of horse stables during the Dutch occupation of Melaka in the 16th century. The brick and wooden interior design is influenced by a fusion of Malaysian cultures, particularly that of the Peranakan, and radiates a quaint, cosy vibe.

Rate per night: RM 380 (Weekdays); RM 480 (Weekends and Public Holidays)


15. Lexis Hibiscus @ Port Dickson

The villas of the Lexis Hibiscus are strategically positioned in a way such that they form the vivid shape of a hibiscus against the backdrop of the sea. A luxurious retreat for relaxation, each villa contains floor-to-ceiling glass doors that overlook the turquoise waters of Port Dickson and allow natural lighting to penetrate the cosy rooms. All rooms are equipped with a private dip pool and a steam room. Fancy that!

Rate per night: RM 800 onwards

The Lexis Hibuscus Port Dickson – representing Bunga Raya, one of the Malaysia flower icon, among one of our top 21 unique hotels in Malaysia.

top 21 unique hotels in Malaysia Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson


16. The Lakehouse @ Cameron Highlands

The Lakehouse at Cameron Highlands is a boutique hotel with distinguished British Colonial-era architecture. The quaint and antique exterior and interior of this accommodation make it a great place to enjoy a luscious British experience complete with a British cuisine and a British-style pub and longue.

Rate per night: RM 455 – RM 635


17. The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat @ Perak

The hot springs of Banjaran extend a healthy invitation for a peaceful, relaxing getaway to destress from life. The accommodation includes a naturally heated swimming pool and geothermal hot springs as well as a steam cave and ice baths.

Rate per night:

  • Garden Villa- RM 1,750
  • Lake Villa- RM 1, 350
  • Water Villa- RM 1, 550

Yes it is one of the most pricey hotels, but you’ll definitely love the nature surrounding The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat Perak. Another unique hotels in Malaysia.


Top 21 unique hotels in Malaysia - The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat Perak


18. Terrapuri Heritage Village @ Terrenganu

Terrapuri or ‘Land of Palaces’ is a conservation and restoration project which includes 29 traditional Malay-style houses. Aside from the beautiful architecture and interior design, the area is a natural habitat for many plants and animals that add to the classical experience.

Rate per night: RM 529 – RM 1, 169


19. Mongolian Yurt @ Sabah

The Mongolian Yurt in Kundasang, Sabah is designed after the transportable yurts used by nomads in Mongolia. Providing wind protection from the low temperatures of Kundasang as well as a chance to be living out in a beautiful, natural environment, the Mongolian Yurt offers a unique lodging experience.

Rate per night: RM 300


20. The Dusun @ Negeri Sembilan

The Dusun is a nature resort which contains Malay-style villas/chalets atop hills that overlook forest reserves and swimming pools. Additional activities on the resort include a jungle trek to a waterfall, a cooking workshop and a photography workshop.

Rate per night:

  • Villa- RM 600 – RM 900 (Weekdays); RM 750 – RM 1, 100 (Weekends)
  • Chalet- RM 400 – RM 450 (Weekdays); RM 500 – RM 600 (Weekends)


 21. Malihome Private Estate @ Penang

A luxury estate in the hills of Penang, the Malihome Private Extate offers a quaint and tranquil accommodation in the midst of a natural environment. The rooms are converted from traditional Thai Lanna Rice Barns and preserve much of its original Thai heritage. A relaxation retreat in the hills complete with fresh spring water for drinking, bathing and swimming!

Rate per night: RM 480 (small room), RM 580 (large room)

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